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Monday, January 01, 2007

A night of debauchery

New Year's Eve - A night of Decadence and Debauchery.

Thanks to Mr. JThomas who invited us to his house to ursher in the New Year. The party was getting rather tamed when someone suggested gambling. We played "In-Between" where you had to make a guess if the number on your 3rd card was "in-between" the numbers shown in the 1st 2 cards. If it was, you win, and if it wasn't, you lose.

The pot grew bigger and bigger, with 8 players contributing to a all-time high of S$300 bucks in the pot. I lost all my money (including cab-fare) playing, so did Ms.FOw.

To make things more interesting, the winners and the losers had to drink shots. By 3am, we were all rather high from the drinking and low from the losing.... when...

the host brought out the "7 Deadly Sins", where you had to pick a color and act out one of the outrageous sins inscribed on the cards or else drink more shots.

Vague recollections of the game involved myself impersonating Marilyn Monroe and singing Happy Birthday to Ms. FOw, dry-humping a chair and impersonating Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, though some had it worse and had to reveal their most embarassing sexual moments, act like a 80-year old prostitute or like if Cinderella was a nymphomanic.... not exactly our proudest momemnts...

I only managed to stagger home at 6am after supper of nasi lemak at Jalan Kayu. What greeted me at home was a completed 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh's Sunflowers, painstakingly finished by Significant Other (SO) on New Year's Eve.

Like a ray of sunshine. A great start to the New Year.

Monday, December 25, 2006

I went to the Singapore Garden Festival today. This was one of the exhibits they displayed depicting Singapore. Yes, our city is just like the neatly laid-out catus, each in their own little zone (reminscent of the urban planned landscape we are in), and perhaps a signal of Singaporeans' tendencies to stay in our little comfort zone?

Too neat, too clean, too sterile...

Some of the displays I kinda like -

This is a favorite of hubby, because of the lingzhi. Yes, still that crazed feng-yun fantasy.

I like the simplicity of the design, especially how they blend the bamboos and the flowers together.

I like the ingenuity of using water-filled test-tubes to keep the flowers alive! I would never have thought of it!

I love the nest-like wire-mash creation. Plus, I just love white orchids.

This was done by a Korean artist, Jin Young Park. He says, "From the Korean traditional aesthetic viewpoint, emptiness is not an empty space, but the symbol of a beautiful space filling and overfilling with affluence."

The (really) undomestic Goddess (Part 2)

The tiramisu was terrible! The hubby could not eat it and neither could I. I suspect that it was because I did not follow instructions. I was supposed to soak the lady fingers in kahlua liquor, but since I did not had it, I used those cheapo 3-in-1 coffee mix instead. Bad Choice! :(

And the cocoa powder I was supposed to use, eh, I substitited it with, yes, the coffee powder.

It was really horrible. But I guess, that's the fun part about cooking, isn't it? The trial and error, the perserverance to keep trying (and developing a strong stomach in the process)?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Undomestic Goddess

After the herbal brew, i developed a sudden interest in cooking. Yes, for someone who doesn't know how to break an egg (to which Ms. F0w always teases me abt). Okay, the egg story happened in secondary school where I was supposed to break an egg to mix with the gadoh-gadoh for home economics glass. The egg ended up on my white bata shoes instead. My gadoh-gadoh was without an egg, coz the teacher was rather shocked at my suggestion to "buy" another egg from her.

Back to the interest in cooking. I have made porridge with mince meat and carrots thus far, and yesterday, I made Laksa. Yes. Don't you think it's great when there is the PRIMA pre-pack mix? :)

I shall attempt a tiramisu this weekend. The husband was obviously not impressed with my loud proclaimations abt the tiramisu attempt, in fact rolling the eyes when he saw me buying the mascaporne cheese and the lady's fingers biscuits from carrefour. So stay tune for the adventure!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My first herbal brew!!

Ok, I know I still owe my friends the posting up of my Peru and my wedding photos! Oh, throw in the honeymoon photos as well.. but relax, they wld be up soon!

Till then, I need to brag abt my first herbal brew! Yes, something that I have brewed myself!

It's called the Lingzhi-Wolfberry seeds-Dried Longan Brew, supposedly to help with fatigue-reliefing, tone the kidneys, nourish the liver etc. I bought some lingzhi and dried longans from my recent trip to Taipei and added in some wolfberry seeds that are in my fridge. Ok, the color of the brew is nothing to look at (it's a gross dirty brown color), but because of the wolfberry and the dried longans, there's a tinge of sweetness to the bitterness. All in all, nice.

The significant other (SO) was rather impressed and finished up a cup! :) Although I don't think it's entirely due to my culinary skills. Rather that Lingzhi are herbal tonic used by the warriors in the "Romance of the Three Kingdom" which the SO is so enamoured with!

For those interested in TCM (and can't read mandarin), the book "Chinese Natural Cures - Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention" by Henry C. Liu is a rather interesting read.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I just discovered Youtube!! Yippee

Wow! The miracles of Youtube!! I had just finished watching my favorite "America's Next Top Model", all downloadable from Youtube! Definitely saves me some moolah, instead of splurging it on Starhub's SMART TV!

After ANTM, it's Project Runway next.. :)

Don't all of you dahlings just love the bitchiness of the fashion industry?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Childhood Dreams

One of the stash that I bought from KL....the whole collection of Enid Blyton's Malory Towers and St Clare's! Goodness, call me childish but these were my favorite books when I was in primary school! Dont all girls dream of going away to a boarding school then, what with midnight feasts and tricks every term on unsuspecting teachers? These books are going to earn themselves a place on my bookshelves!

I was checking on the publication date and St Clare's was first published in 1941 and Malory Towers in 1946, the WW2 era! That explains the 1940s school picture that I had posted up.. :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Note of Thanks

I'm at Changi Airport T2 waiting for my flight bound for KL, which leaves in half hour's time. Sigh, another 10 (hard) days of work ahead..

The Chinese has a saying, roughly translated as "Far water cannot save fire that's burning near you." But I beg to differ.

The last week had been difficult , not lest due to another bout of toxicity emmitted by colleagues (would not go into details here, but it has roughly to do with how Plato talks about people with too much "spirit" i.e. chasing honor and glory...)

Thank you, Ms JLim and Ms. FOw who took the trouble to call me to cheer up my spirits one after another from far flung Shanghai. Your empathy was a balm to my troubled mind.

Now healed, onward to KL for the 10 days to fraternize with "spirited" souls...